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More uses for salt

Even if you haven’t found your particular stain or stubborn cleaning problem listed here, you should try to use salt when you have a obstinate cleaning problem or odor problem because salt is an inexpensive solution to many household chores. 

Cut flowers
Do you love fresh flowers, but you wish they would last longer?  Your fresh cut flower will last longer if you add a pinch of salt and baking soda to the water when you first put the flowers in a vase.

Dripping candles
Do you like candles but hate the mess?  You can prevent candles from dripping by moistening the wick with a little bit of salt before you light it.

Fish tonic
Fresh water fish seem a little sluggish lately?  About once every two weeks, in between cleanings, you can add one teaspoon of salt with a quart of fresh water. When the water has reached room temperature, put your fish in this saltwater solution for about fifteen minutes to half an hour. Put the fish back in their tank after this time and they will be livelier!

Dried flowers
Do you like the dried flower arrangement look but hate the price?  Make your own dried flower arrangement by taking a large amount of salt, moistening it and put it in the container you want to use for the arrangement. The salt in the bottom will dry out and become hard and will hold your flowers tight!

Artificial flowers
Artificial flowers and swags can be difficult to clean.  Taking a large garbage bag, adding about three cups of salt, shake – roll – and move around the bag with the flower arrangement inside. The salt cleans the dirt and dust from the arrangement with out squashing it!

Smelly shoes
If you have shoes that just smell terrible, sprinkle some salt around the interior of your shoe each time you wear them.  The salt absorbs the moisture and eventually the smell will be absorbed as well!

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