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Egg mess
Do you often make eggs for breakfast but only to return to the kitchen to find dried egg on your counter or on the dishes and is it difficult to scrub off?  When you are making eggs, for any meal, and you spill some egg, make it a habit sprinkle salt where you have spilt them, even if you donít have time to clean it right away. The salt will make the egg very easy to clean up when you have a chance to get back to it. 

If your apples are looking a little dried out you donít have to throw them away, you can soak wrinkled apples in a mildly salted water solution to perk them up.

Pan rescue
Have you found that your best skillet, griddle or pans make your food stick?  Here is a trick you can use (if your pans donít have lightweight plastic handles). Heat the pan in a warmed oven and then sprinkle with some salt. Simply dust off the pans and then food wonít stick! The reason that most foods stick to pans is because of caked on grease. Warming the pans in the oven makes the grease melt and then the salt will absorb the grease! 

Storing cheese
Does cheese have a long shelf life in your refrigerator?  You can prevent mold from growing on cheese that you donít use up right away by soaking a cloth in salt water and wrapping up that hunk of cheese. The salt prevents the bacteria from growing as quickly so your cheese lasts longer.

Have you thought about making your own icing?  If you are making your own icing using whipped cream and egg whites, add a pinch of salt and your egg whites will whip up better and stand better on your cake.

Do you like to use gelatin molds to make special looks with your jello? You can make this dessert set faster when you place it over ice that has been sprinkled with salt. The salt absorbs excess moisture and makes the jello set faster.

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