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Do you want to try a new flavor when cooking poultry?  You can improve the flavor of your poultry when you rub the inside and the outside of the poultry with salt before you roast it. 

When you are preparing dinner and you need to remove the feathers from your poultry before cooking, rub the poultry with salt and you can pluck out feathers easily  after you use salt on the poultry. 

Coffee pot cleaning
If your coffee pot has been leaving you with a bitter tasting coffee, try cleaning out your coffee pot with a mixture of salt and water.  Run the water through as usual and the salt will break loose any leftover coffee grounds and such from the interior of your percolator. You can also use a salt paste to clean stains out of the inside or on the lid of your coffee pot without leaving scratches.

Cutting onions
When making dinner and cutting onions, the smell of onions is often left on your hands.  Make a mixture of salt and vinegar to clean your hands of this smell, and you are on your way to serving dinner!

Smelly containers
Do you have containers in your kitchen that have a sour smell and you are just ready to throw them away? Stop! You can sweeten up those containers that smell like onions, peppers, or so many other smells by adding salt and just a little warm water. Close the container and let it sit over night to deodorize the container! 

Smelly drains
If you have a strong odor coming from your sink drains, use a large amount of salt combined with a touch of warm water to eliminate the smells and to clean out grease that can be trapped in your drains. 

Stained kitchen counters
If you use your kitchen to cook every night, you will notice stains on counters and on your cutting boards over time.  You can wash the stains away but using a cloth or heavy paper towel lightly wet adding salt to make a paste. Rubbing the salt gently on your cutting boards and counter tops will be fresh and clean. This is a real cleaning money saver that you can use throughout the kitchen.

What about too much salt?
When you are in a hurry sometimes you can add a bit too much salt to soups and other dishes.  To ‘take out’ some of that salt, add a raw potato or two to the mixture to soak up the salt. This doesn’t take long and it saves dinner!

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