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Canned venison
If you have ever tried canned venison it is a real treat.  Try this quick and easy recipe! Using your favorite chucks or slices of venison, pack into your jars without adding water. Add about one half teaspoon of salt and one small cube of beef fat to the jar and then seal. Boil the canned venison for three hours, and tastes marvellous!

Is your dinner or lunch ready but your guests are not?  To keep salads fresh add the tiniest touch of salt to the lettuce to keep lettuce crisp.

Boiled potatoes
Are you preparing dinner but dislike the mushy potato residue left on your boiled potatoes?  Sprinkle your boiled potatoes lightly with salt to absorb the excess water. Shaking the potatoes back and forth in the pan or strainer will help the salt absorb all of the water, and then transferring the potatoes back into another pan will leave most of the salt behind.

Stained coffee cups
If your coffee cups and glasses are stained you can rub this residue out with a little salt and a soft towel.  Using a cloth or a tough paper towel, slightly wet and add about a teaspoon of salt and then rub on the inside of the cup. The stain will disappear! 

Greasy dishes
Cooking dinner is always a great experience, but do the greasy dishes that are leftover leave you wanting to run out of the kitchen?. To clean up greasy pans fast, add a little bit of salt to cover the greasy area and rub gently to clean the pan. This is a time saver and a money saver in cleaning your dishes. 

Cleaning the refridgerator
Constantly cleaning out the refrigerator can be time consuming and leave your refrigerator smelling like bleach.  For a sweeter smelling clean, combining salt and soda water you can clean the inside of your refrigerator for a fresh clean that won’t scratch the enamel!

Over cooked coffee
Did you leave the coffee on to cook for too long?  To get rid of that over cooked taste, and the bitter coffee taste add a little pinch of salt for a better coffee taste. 

Grease fires
If your dinner preparations have gotten out of hand and you have a grease fire on the stove or in the oven, throw handfuls of salt at the fire, as near to the bottom of the flame as you can to put out the fire.  You should never consider using water on a grease fire because the grease will only splatter and spread the fire.

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