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So let’s get started on some of the uses of cleaning with salt in the kitchen!

If you are searching for a new way to clean those hard to reach inside spaces of your jars and vases, consider using this method for cleaning glass.  Take a cup of lemon juice and about two tablespoons of salt and then swish it around the inside of the glass container. This swishing helps to loosen the ‘stuff’ inside of glass bottles and vases, and then you can simply rinse clean.

Boiling water
Have you ever been in a hurry to boil some water to make dinner for your waiting family or guests? You can hurry water to a boiling point by using salt. First you should understand that adding salt to water does not make it boil faster. However, adding salt to water does make the water hotter. This in turn will reduce the cooking time and hurry your preparation time for dinner.

Do you want to boil perfect boiled eggs without the cracks? You can boil eggs without having cracks in the eggs if you add just a pinch of salt to the boiling water before you add the eggs. 

When you use the above method to boil your eggs, you will find that you won’t have a problem peeling the eggs as well.  Adding salt to the boiling water when you start boiling your eggs makes your eggs easy to peel!

Do you like firm poached eggs? When you are going to poach an egg, boil the water and then just add a pinch of salt to help set the egg into a firmer poach egg for your eating enjoyment!

How do you know if you have been keeping eggs too long and if they have gone bad while sitting your fridge?  Take a pan or bowl of cool water, and then add a pinch of salt. Drop the eggs in the water slowly and if any of the eggs sink to the bottom it means the egg is too old and you should not eat it! 

Do you like firmer fried eggs, not undercooked slimy eggs?  The texture of the fried egg is toughened when you add a touch of salt when you are first frying them. The salt absorbs the egg liquids that do not cook in the length of time that you are frying an egg, and the end result gives you a firmer egg!

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